Welk social media type ben jij?

Deze kon ik echt niet laten liggen! Vandaag zag ik bij Harald Agterhuis een verwijzing naar de opsomming van Intel’s Jeff over de verschillende social media types. Geweldig!

Ik denk dat veel mensen vandaag de dag praten over Social Media als over de “klepel en de klok”. Niet zo verwonderlijk, want is het al een wetenschap? En wat is waar? Wie heeft gelijk?
Desondanks is het leuk weer eens te lezen over alle ‘boekenwaarheden’ en ‘zweverige types’, die trends of hypes regelrecht de hel inprijzen. Voor mij was het in ieder geval vermakelijk…

  • “Social Media Evangelist – Preaches that conversations will change the world. Has at least 10 blogs (5 for himself, 2 for his dogs, 2 for failed business ventures, 1 for his official job). Rarely updates any of them as he is too busy conversing.
  • Social Media Expert – Read about social media in Fortune and had his business cards reprinted the next day. Twitter and Facebook avatar picture will be in a suit and possibly a tie.
  • Social Media Czar – Believes that he, and only he, knows the proper implementation of social media and everyone else should be thrown into the dungeons. Usually overthrown by Bolsheviks.
  • Social Media Sherpa – Will guide you to the summit of cutting edge applications that only a handful of people use… then leave you there. Bring your own oxygen.
  • Social Media Jedi Master – Commands mystical power that cannot be explained to anyone in management. This is not the clear ROI you are looking for.
  • Social Media Sith Lord – Uses his power only to develop his own Empire. Often wears hooded robes and talks totally creepy. Usually will be thrown from high ledge to his doom.
  • Social Media Guru – Incredibly wise master with the ability to levitate the Google ranking of a site using just the power of his mind. Often sits motionless for days at his keyboard, existing only on Krispy Kreme and Mountain Dew.
  • Social Media Wizard – Claims magical ability to convert weak corporate blog into marketing gold, but will blame failure on being surrounded by unbelievers. Likes pointy hats. When challenged will disappear in a puff of smoke.
  • Social Media Maestro – Speaks only in lengthy words from popular books. His wikinomical perspective on the groundswell of his company’s tipping point will enhance everyone’s naked conversation.
  • Social Media Ninja – Claims many acts of nefarious evildoing online, none of which were witnessed or can be independently verified. Dresses entirely in black and tries to karate chop people who disagree with him.
  • Social Media Uberlord – Uses social media to talk about how others use social media. Has so many blogs he often blogs about himself without realizing it.
  • Social Media Silver-Back Gorilla – Scoble. Often seen pounding his chest and roaring about something.
  • Social Media Sensei – Cryptic and mysterious, but rumored to possess ancient secrets of conversational mastery. Will only teach you if you can snatch his Friendfeed from his hand.
  • Social Mack Daddy – Well-known individual employed by a well-known social media marketing company, eternally in the process of moving to a different well-known social media company. Will hook you up with all the social media you need for a good time.

3 Thoughts on “Welk social media type ben jij?

  1. en welk type ben jij?

  2. resultaat on 5 november 2008 at 14:23 zei:

    Ja, Fusionsearcher. Die vraag kon ik verwachten… 🙂
    Moeilijk te beantwoorden, omdat ik geen stropdassen draag, maar buiten dat lijkt ook bij mij het ‘expert’ type het beste te passen.
    Altijd in om direct iets nieuws te proberen, ook al wacht ik juist wel tot het moment daar is, dat ík er iets mee denk te kunnen en dat is niet per definitie het moment dat iets net uit is. Soms vallen die 2 momenten echter wonderwel samen… 😉

  3. mmm. social media addict & communication junkie. the latter is even printed on my businesscard.

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